vPaaS: Video Enable Today!

Why You Should Add vPaaS to Your Community…

vPaaS, or video Platform-as-a-Service, powers 6 of the world’s largest video dating apps with livestreaming video, while monetizing at the rate of 66 cents per video user per day. If your app can drive just 50k video users per day, that’s  $12 million a year in new revenue!

Across our networks, vPaaS surpasses $200 million of revenue on an annualized basis across our 8.9 million viewers and 1.2 million broadcasters each month.

Our video SDK encapsulates years of livestreaming video R&D and tens of millions of dollars a year in ongoing software optimizations and feature releases in one simple, easy-to-integrate package. We provide industry-leading AI moderation complemented by 500+ human moderators and a 34-person talent team to manage all your talent recruitment needs.

Combined in one easy to integrate SDK that any app or website can add.

How Much Revenue Can I Earn?

If you assume that 20% of your app’s daily users will use video and then multiply that number by 66 cents and then multiply that number by 365 days in the year, you will have a good estimate of the annualized revenue potential of adding livestreaming video to your community.

Your company will recognize 100% of the revenue, and we will take a revenue share net of App Store / Play Store fees and broadcaster talent fees. We can provide a more careful estimate based on a better understanding of your community’s existing demographics.

What Types of Apps Do You Power?

We power any type of app or website, including social networks, dating communities, and mobile and online games.

What Does It Look Like?

Watch this short video by the BBC which covered our solution on MeetMe and Lovoo, two of the world’s leading dating apps.

How Do I Learn More?

Simply fill out the form below, and we will set up a Zoom call and provide additional documentation on our SDK and API.

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