The GDI Podcast: The Meet Group – Exploring Live Video and Social Media Competition

Geoff Cook, CEO and Co-Founder of The Meet Group discusses the growth of live video, sharing what makes it increasingly popular in the online social space.

He also explains how the lines between dating apps and social media platforms are blurring, and what this means for competition between the industries.

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Tumblr Chooses Livebox to Power its Livestreaming Video & Creator Economy

NEW HOPE, Pa.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The Meet Group, a top provider of livestreaming video and creator economy solutions, today announced that Tumblr, a microblogging and social networking website, has chosen Livebox as its video livestreaming and content provider. Live has been rolled out to Tumblr’s U.S. users, with global rollout planned.

With more minutes of video content produced through Livebox per day than Netflix has in its catalog1, Livebox has become a leader in integrated livestreaming video and creator economy solutions. Livebox currently enables livestreaming video for seven of the top grossing 25 social networking apps in the US2, along with The Meet Group’s portfolio of owned and operated mobile apps and services. The Meet Group represents the Video segment of ParshipMeet Group, an international leader in Dating and Video.

“We’re curious to see how Tumblr’s overflowing creativity will blossom now that users have access to native live streaming. Our creators are multi-modal and this is a new color in their palette,” said Matt Mullenweg, founder and CEO of Tumblr’s parent company Automattic.

“We are excited to add Tumblr to our growing portfolio of Livebox partners,” said Geoff Cook, CEO and co-founder of The Meet Group. “As one of our largest partners, Tumblr Live showcases the applicability of live video and creator economy solutions to a range of social platforms and use cases.

“With everything needed to launch livestreaming video and new creator economy solutions all in one ‘box’, Livebox gives brands the power to create new chances for connection while also providing opportunities for quantifiable business impact. We couldn’t be happier to partner with Tumblr to help users create great content and storytelling.”

Today’s announcement coincides with the official launch of the Livebox brand. Livebox offers partners:

  • A turnkey, white label, live video solution
  • An integrated monetization solution for brands and creators
  • An industry-leading safety framework that combines AI technology and 500+ human moderators to review all video, audio, photo, and text-based content created or displayed on the platform
  • Dedicated talent support to find, recruit, and promote content creators with a focus on developing quality content and driving community engagement

Livebox’s business model allows app users to give and receive virtual gifts, providing brands and creators a path to grow engagement and monetization. Livebox currently provides the integrated livestreaming video and creator economy solution for 16 popular social applications and brands.

For more information on Livebox, please visit

1 “How Long Would It Take To Watch All Of Netflix?”,, March 31, 2020
2 Top Unified Revenue US Social Apps, September 20, 2022 to October 19, 2022 per

About The Meet Group

The Meet Group is a leading provider of livestreaming video and creator economy solutions for a number of the world’s largest social apps. We connect millions of people every day through social entertainment and dating apps, and our Livebox platform makes it easy for brands to monetize and engage their audiences through livestreaming video. The Meet Group represents the Video segment of ParshipMeet Group, an international leader in Dating and Video. For more information, visit

About Tumblr

Tumblr is the best place for art and artists. It’s the place culture happens. Whole communities form and thrive in real-time. It’s also a destination for content distribution and original publishing. Where creators can build their portfolio and earn an income from their work. Owned and operated by Automattic, we’re the natural habitat for creative expression.


The Meet Group
Allie Mills

The Meet Group Joins the Tech Coalition, Partnering with Leading Corporations to Combat Child Sexual Exploitation and Abuse Online

NEW HOPE, Pa.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The Meet Group, a top provider of livestreaming video and creator economy solutions, announced today the company will join the Tech Coalition, a global alliance working to combat child sexual exploitation and abuse online. Members include major tech companies like Google, Apple, Bumble, and Pinterest.

“At The Meet Group, we are dedicated to providing an environment where our members can connect and interact safely,” said Geoff Cook, co-founder and CEO of The Meet Group. “Our commitment to improving online safety extends beyond our own apps. The Tech Coalition is committed to creating a safer digital world for children and we are honored to be part of that mission. We look forward to collaborating with global tech leaders to combat the online sexual abuse and exploitation of minors.”

“With each member that joins the Coalition, we increase our ability to drive collaborative and coordinated action to combat child sexual exploitation and abuse online,” said Sean Litton of the Tech Coalition. “The Meet Group brings a great perspective that includes a mix of building Trust & Safety solutions for both dating services, as well as for live video and creator economies.”

As part of its comprehensive safety solution, The Meet Group moderates millions of minutes of video broadcast everyday. Its custom-built systems are capable of sampling every stream, every few seconds and its innovative algorithms and machine learning capabilities enable proactive and precise moderation of as much as 100 million samples per day.

In addition to this proprietary video broadcast sampling service, The Meet Group’s live streaming moderation platform includes:

  • Speech-to-Text transcription to help moderate speech in different languages
  • Artificial Intelligence to programmatically estimate the age of streamers, (to help ensure minors aren’t using adult-only apps)
  • Machine learning algorithms to prevent hate speech, and other dangerous textual conduct

Geoff Cook added, “The Meet Group looks forward to sharing our learnings more broadly with the industry via the Tech Coalition, as well as learning more from our peers about measures they’ve found successful in safeguarding children on the Internet.”

About the Tech Coalition

The Tech Coalition facilitates the global tech industry’s fight against the online sexual abuse and exploitation of children. An alliance of technology companies of varying sizes and sectors, Tech Coalition members work together to drive critical advances in technology and adoption of best practices for keeping children safe online. The Coalition convenes and aligns the global tech industry, pooling their knowledge and expertise, to help all the members better prevent, detect, report, and remove online child sexual abuse content. The coalition represents a powerful core of expertise that is moving the tech industry towards a safer digital world.

About The Meet Group

The Meet Group is a leading provider of livestreaming video and creator economy solutions for a number of the world’s largest social apps. We connect millions of people every day through social entertainment and dating apps, and our Livebox solution makes it easy for third-party brands to monetize and engage their audiences through livestreaming video. For more information, visit


Media Contact:
The Meet Group
Allie Mills

Fast Company: 14 ways employers can nurture their staff’s creative contributions

Inspiring employees to address current business challenges—transparently and collaboratively—enables the opportunity to find innovative solutions for business growth. Catherine Connelly, SVP of Marketing and co-founder at The Meet Group discusses in this Fast Company Expert Panel.

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Fast Company: How I confidently got to the 3.0 version of me

Entrepreneurship comes with risk, and it takes some time and practice to manage how you deal with those uncertainties. Catherine Connelly, SVP of Marketing and co-founder at The Meet Group discusses in her Fast Company article.

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Fast Company: Forging Connections Inside “The Fourth Place”

During the loss of public spaces due to the pandemic, millions went online to forge human connections – looking for what we might term The Fourth Place. Because, when there was no place to go IRL, online became the place we all flocked to. How will this concept impact businesses involved in interpersonal relationships? Catherine Connelly, SVP of Marketing and co-founder at The Meet Group discusses the “Fourth Place” in her first article for Fast Company. 

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GlobalDatingInsights: Meet Group Releases Summer Survey Results

GDI covered The Meet group’s summer survey results which revealed that NJ MeetMe members are all kinds of confident.

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Marketing Today Podcast: The Power of Connection with The Meet Group’s Catherine Connelly

Starting her first company at age 15, Catherine Connelly is all about meeting new people. As the SVP of Marketing for The Meet Group, the top provider of live streaming video and creator economy solutions for a number of the world’s top social apps, Catherine relies heavily on that connection to her users for audience engagement and growth.

In this episode, Alan and Catherine discuss her extraordinary career path, iOS changes, The Meet Group’s differentiating model for monetization, and the importance of storytelling.

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Bear World Magazine: GROWLr Live spotlights diverse group of Pride and community organizers this month

GROWLr Live is doing something slightly different for Pride month by showcasing and focusing on members of the community who are involved in Pride and/or community building! 

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Mobile Growth Association: Q&A with Catherine Connelly

The Meet Group’s SVP of Marketing, Catherine Connelly, won the Mobile Growth leader of the Year for 2021 and was interviewed by MGA about her career and predictions for what’s to come in mobile growth.

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Fast Company: What’s the ROI on Safety

Geoff Cook discusses the importance of safety for the livestreaming business.

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Liftoff Blog: For International Women’s Day, Leading Women in Mobile Share Their Advice

Liftoff spoke with leading women in mobile including The Meet Group’s Head of Performance Marketing, Jade Worobec, and her advice for women entering the industry.

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Why I Believe the Future is LIVE

Geoff Cook discusses livestreaming’s robust economic model and why TMG built our livestreaming products, and why building livestreaming video is not easy.

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Bear World Magazine: Big Dipper Does GROWLr Live!

Who’s got another show coming up on GROWLr Live? DIPPER DOES!

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TIME: An Industry-Backed Group Thinks the Metaverse Can Avoid the Ills of Social Media. Here’s How

Oasis Consortium discusses its newly developed user safety standards and Geoff Cook, CEO of The Meet Group is quoted as saying, “The work of keeping our communities safe is never over.”

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Bear World Magazine: It’s official, Santa IS a bear! End of year GROWLr survey reveals all!

GROWLr has revealed the results of their end of year survey and the results are beary interesting including official confirmation that Santa is a bear!

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ParshipMeet Group Adds Hornet as New Livestreaming Partner

NEW HOPE, Pa.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–ParshipMeet Group, a leading provider of interactive dating solutions, today announced that it has enabled the launch of livestreaming video on Hornet through its vPaaS (video Platform as a Service) solution. Hornet, known as the world’s queer social network, has over 35 million diverse members as part of its community.

“We continue to break new ground with our livestreaming video vPaaS solution,” said Geoff Cook, Co-CEO of ParshipMeet Group. “We make it easy for publishers to engage their audience with livestreaming video while monetizing via the Creator Economy.

“Our vPaaS solution delivers not only livestreaming video, but also the creator management, gamification, and moderation, dramatically reducing expense and accelerating monetization. vPaaS provides a new solution to enable companies to grow revenue while enhancing their users’ experience. Now powering 10 apps, our livestreaming video solution has proven successful to a diverse set of customers. We look forward to bringing live video to the Hornet community and expanding our vPaaS footprint to more communities globally.”

“Queer influencers now have even more ways to authentically express themselves by going live with their talents, their ideas, and their dreams,” says Christof Wittig, co-founder and CEO at Hornet Networks. “Our users have been waiting for this feature, and we’re super excited to finally ship Hornet Live and to offer a huge new revenue opportunity to queer influencers, while never compromising the safety and authenticity of LGBTQ people around the world.”

About ParshipMeet Group

ParshipMeet Group is an international market leader in online dating. With its uniquely diverse business approach, the company covers the whole spectrum of the online dating market, ranging from social dating with a strong entertainment component based on live video streaming, to serious matchmaking. ParshipMeet Group’s brand portfolio consists of internationally successful and established brands with complementary strengths. Social dating and entertainment apps MeetMe, Skout, Tagged, GROWLr, and LOVOO focus on social connections, entertainment, and community. Matchmaking services such as eharmony or European-based Parship use scientific methods to help people find their partner for a compatible, happy long-term relationship. Headquartered in Hamburg, Germany, the company currently employs a workforce of more than 1,100 in eight offices worldwide.

About Hornet

Hornet is the world’s queer social network with over 35 million diverse users, providing a community home base that is available anytime, anywhere. Amplifying the radical, affirmative power of the queer community with cutting-edge technology, users feel comfortable sharing their experiences with friends who understand and validate their life. To find out more, please visit:


Press Contact for The Meet Group
Kim Plyler

Press Contact for Hornet

Protocol: How to build a safer, more inclusive metaverse

The Meet Group is announced as one of the technology leaders in the Oasis Consortium that is focusing on safety, privacy, and inclusion for the metaverse.

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Bear World Magazine: GROWLr Q&A to feature New York-based event organizer and development coach Robert Valin

GROWLr now features monthly Q&A’s from some awesome Bears!

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