What We Do

We engineer serendipity.

The Meet Group provides something everyone craves: the magic of human connection. Its innovative apps have advantages the neighborhood pub can’t match. The Meet Group is continuously developing new products that improve on serendipity by providing a variety of ways to connect – from live video to lively discussions – and all are backed by data science that engineers good matches. The Meet Group products are never “done.” The Meet Group is committed to innovating products and experiences that keep getting better and keep people engaged.

We deliver.

The Meet Group’s management team has a proven track record of delivering on their promises. Through superior execution and a disciplined focus on results, investors, employees, and business partners alike find that The Meet Group’s leaders can be counted on to do what they say.

We offer unparalleled advertiser opportunities.

The Meet Group is an industry-leading partner for advertisers seeking data-driven and highly targeted access to hard-to-reach demographic groups. We offer massive scale, with hundreds of millions of daily impressions across our active and growing global user base, and sophisticated data science for highly effective hyper-targeting. As mobile usage accelerates and advertising continues its fast migration to the small screen, our growing portfolio of properties will become ever more valuable to advertisers around the world.

We are one team.

No matter how many acquisitions we make or how far our global footprint spreads, The Meet Group will always be one team aligned on a common purpose and common values. Whether hiring or acquiring, we are committed to nurturing the collaborative and respectful workplace culture that keeps our people and our company thriving.

We are committed to safety.

Part of creating meaningful connections is keeping people safe in that process. The Meet Group is committed to providing the safe and fun atmosphere that will allow these connections to develop, grow, and thrive. We devote significant resources to ensuring member safety, from a large staff dedicated to security 24 hours a day, 365 days per year, to sophisticated and ground-breaking monitoring tools. We will continue to innovate processes and set new standards of safety for the industry.

Our portfolio strategy is driving growth.

The Meet Group is challenging the biggest company in the mobile meeting space, but with better results. With mobile usage soaring worldwide, The Meet Group is consolidating the fragmented sector into a portfolio of apps that, when combined, create the user density and scale to drive even more growth. By sharing best practices across the portfolio, The Meet Group creates greater audience engagement, which means more monetization opportunities for its industry-leading advertising engine and more fuel for the company’s global success.